FCC looks for suggestions to streamline the rules


In any system of organization, the problem with creating a rule – especially one that is written down and officially recognized – is that it stays there until somebody goes to the trouble of taking it out. That might not occur until years, or even decades, after the rule’s usefulness has ended. The FCC is looking for suggestions on identifying targets for the eraser.

The FCC issued its Preliminary Plan for Retrospective Analysis of Existing Rules on 11/7/11.The plan details how the Commission currently goes about identifying the weeds in the regulatory garden and gets them pulled.

In a release, the FCC stated, “The Commission is committed to being a responsive, efficient and effective agency that harnesses and promotes the technological and economic opportunities of the new millennium.  As part of the Commission’s goal to be a model of excellence in government, the agency has, since 2009, undertaken far-reaching initiatives designed to achieve its statutory objectives while removing burdens on industry and promoting innovation and job growth.”

And it is asking for your help, seeking suggestions for improvement in four areas:

1) What additional steps should the Commission take to identify rules that should be changed, streamlined, consolidated, or removed?

2) How can the Commission further reduce burdens on industry and consumers while fostering competition, diversity and innovation?

3) Are there Commission rules or reporting requirements that are duplicative or that have conflicting requirements among its bureaus and offices or with other agencies?

4) Are there Commission rules or reporting requirements that could be modified to better accomplish their regulatory objectives?

It will also accept suggestions that do not neatly fall into the above categories.

Deadlines will be made available, as usual, after the item is published in the Federal Register.