FCC minority/female broadcast panels named


The focus of the FCC look into encouraging greater diversity among the ranks of broadcast license holders, as well as the identity of the panelists, has been released. The first panel will look at Constitutional issues, with the second focusing on how FCC rules impact diversity of ownership.

The meeting is scheduled for 1/27/10 and kicks off at 9AM. The first panel runs from 9:15-10:45, and the second will go from 11AM-1PM.

Here is the complete roster of panelists for each:

Constitutional Issues in Advancing Minority Ownership Through the FCC’s Media Ownership Rules

* Jacob Lewis, Moderator and Acting Deputy General Counsel, FCC

* Leonard Baynes, Professor of Law and Inaugural Director of the Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development, St. John’s School of Law

* Carolyn Byerly, Associate Professor, Howard University

* Angela Campbell, Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for Public Representation, Georgetown University

* Allen Hammond, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University

* LaVonda Reed-Huff, Associate Professor of Law, Syracuse University 

How the FCC’s Media Ownership Rules Affect Minority and Female Ownership

* Thomas Reed, Moderator and Director, Office of Communications Business Opportunities, Federal Communications Commission

* Michael Roberts, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roberts Broadcasting Companies

* Sylvia Strobel, Interim President, American Women in Radio and Television

* David Honig, Executive Director, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council

* Faith Bautista, Executive Director, Mabuhay Alliance