FCC on Comcast/NBCU: Speak now, with time for rebuttal


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told the Senate Commerce Committee recently that the Commission was just about ready to put the proposed merger of Comcast and NBCU before the public for comment, and true to his word, it is now before the public. And the FCC seems to be expecting a contentious debate. It normally provides for a comment date and a response-to-comments date – this one has a response to the response-to-comment deadline already tacked on.

The opening due date for comments is 5/3/10; deadline #2 is 6/2/10; and deadline #3 is 6/17/10.

“On March 5, 2010, the Applicants filed an economists’ report entitled ‘Application of the Commission Staff Model of Vertical Foreclosure to the Proposed Comcast-NBCU Transaction,’ which they have requested be considered as part of the Application,” explains the Commission. “The proposed transaction would combine the broadcast, cable programming, motion picture studio, theme park, and online content businesses of NBCU with the cable programming and certain online content businesses of Comcast. We seek comment from all interested persons to assist the Commission in its independent review of this proposed transaction.”

The matter is listed under MB Docket No. 10-56.