FCC Opening Data for Diversity Research


FCCThe FCC’s recently-installed use of Form 323 for broadcast ownership reporting asked all kinds of questions to provide a basis for analysis of the demographic make-up of America’s broadcast licensees. It’s now ready to make the data available to the public.

To that end, the Media Bureau is hosting a workshop to educate those wishing to use the data.

It will be held Wednesday 9/9/15. It will be an all-day session taking place at the FCC’s southwest Washington headquarters.

The FCC stated, “Topics addressed in the workshop will include: relevant data that the FCC collects, how members of the public can access those data, and mechanisms for querying, studying, and visualizing the data, including in combination with data available from non-FCC sources.”

The FCC said there will be a great deal of technical information disseminated and suggested participants bring along a laptop.
The session will also be streamed live for those who can’t make it to Washington.