FCC opens up window for diversity comments


FCCThe release in November of initial stats drawn from FCC Form 323 on the ownership of broadcast licenses has inspired the desire to put formal comments on the record – and the FCC is honoring that desire.

The FCC said that the stats are being considered as part of the in-progress quadrennial review of ownership rules, and will be considered in forthcoming reviews. It also stated that it recognizes the fact that “…minorities and women own broadcast stations in disproportionately small numbers.”

The FCC believes the information gathered on the new form will be of great help in future proceedings. It also said it has been receiving a lot of material on the topic from interested parties, and said that several parties want to be able to put formal statements on the record.

“Thus,” said the FCC, “while this proceeding has provided numerous opportunities for public input and participation, we will establish a further comment cycle for this limited purpose. Comments are due December 26, 2012; reply comments are due January 4, 2013.”


  1. Disproportionately small numbers compared to what other tightly regulated business ownerships or media ownerships? I don’t know myself, so let’s do see those numbers; and not just those for broadcast!

    It’s too easy to make a claim when the data is not provided to support it.

    Let’s be fair in the process by comparing broadcast media ownership to business models that are similar, including degree of federal regulation.

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