FCC sets sail for Chicago


A seven hour session in the Windy City will bring two diverse panels before the five FCC commissioners to discuss the topic "Perspectives on Media Ownership." Representatives from radio, television, unions, academia, the watchdog community and the press will all have a champion on stage, and also features ample time for public commentary. The forum opens at 4PM Central on Thursday 9/20/07 and runs until 11PM. Each panel has an hour for their remarks with a two-hour public follow-up period. Panel 1 features Charles Benton, Benton Foundation; Karen Bond, National Black Coalition for Media Justice; Cynthia Canary, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform; John Chadwick, WREX-TV (NBC), Rockford IL; Melody Spann Cooper, WVON(AM), Chicago, Illinois; Marv Dyson, WKKC-FM, Kennedy-King College & Founding Ptnr, Urban Radio Broadcasting LLC; Tom Langmeyer, WGN Radio, Chicago; Dorothy Leavell, The Chicago Crusader; Dennis Lyle, Illinois Broadcasters Assn.; Doug Nowakowski, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Silvia Rivera, WRTE-FM, RadioArte; and Dana Withers, Dana Communications Inc., Benton IL. Panel 2 features Linda Sue Brown, WBBM-TV; Kristine Laudadio Devine, Northwestern University School of Law; Cliff Kelley, WVON(AM) Chicago; John Lavine, Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism; Joyce McCullough, NewsTribune/WLPO(AM)/WAJK(FM) LaSalle IL; Milly Santiago, WSNS-TV, Telemundo; Jim Speta, Northwestern University School of Law; and Patric Verrone, Writers Guild America West.

TVBR/RBR observation: Anti-consolidation activists are pursuing their usual m.o., which is to get as many of their own into the audience as possible. Also as usual, satisfied media customers will have no reason to show up. We therefore expect little deviation from the usual script.