FCC Slams Companies for Slamming


Dollar SignThe next broadcaster hit with a $3,000 fine for some FCC infraction may want to breathe a sigh of relief. The penalties stack up much higher for some companies on the telco side, including seven settling charges of slamming and cramming.

The companies are liable for a total of $1.2M in civil penalties.

They are not fines, because in each case the matter was settled via consent decree. The companies are not officially cited for the infractions, but take steps to prevent them from happening and generally go on reporting conditions with the FCC.

And they almost always make a contribution to the US Treasury.

Per the FCC, the companies “’slammed’ consumers by changing their preferred long distance telephone carriers without authorization, and ‘crammed’ consumers by assessing charges on their telephone bills without their consent.”

Network Service Billing, Inc. is liable for $228,000.

National Access Long Distance, Inc. is liable for $216,000.

Nationwide Long Distance Service, Inc. is liable for $216,000.

Business Network Long Distance, Inc. is liable for $180,000.

Communications Network Billing, Inc. is liable for $120,000.

Integrated Services, Inc. is liable for $120,000.

Multiline Long Distance, Inc. is liable for $120,000.