FCC to Dump Old Re-Design as Part of Web Update


FCCWe now have an expected launch date for the FCC’s re-designed website: Dec. 10.

We’ve reported previously the agency has been working to make the new site easier to use, with more features. The overall goal is to make content easier to find, for the industries the commission regulates and the public.

The new website improves interoperability with tablet and mobile device browsers, promises the commission. The site uses a “toggle” navigation that allows visitors to browse either by “Category” or “Bureau and Office.”

This update is separate from ongoing modernization of the FCC’s interactive systems, like the ECFS comment portal.

The commission expects to begin the switch at 8 p.m. Eastern on Dec. 9 and open for business on the 10th.

RBR+TVBR observation: The commission says as part of the transition, the current site won’t be available any longer. Existing bookmarks will be re-directed to the new site. Promise? I know so many people who kept using the old site, which is still available, because it was so much easier to use than the last re-design. This is the second redesign for the website in five years.

They are looking for feedback: https://prototype.fcc.gov/eform/submit/feedback



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