FCC to host repacking workshop


FCCIf your station is in danger of being forced off its current channel to one lower down the spectrum ladder, then you may be interested in what the FCC will have to say at a two-panel workshop on its channel repacking plans at a workshop scheduled for the end of September.

Other stations that are not in danger of moving but may soon have unwanted new neighbors a few clicks up or down from their channel may also have in interest in the session.

It is on the calendar for the last day of the month, Monday 9/3/13, will be held at FCC headquarters in Southwest Washington DC, and will run from 10:30AM-12:30PM.

Those not able to attend in person will be able to watch the proceedings over the internet. The feed will be available at fcc.gov.

Describing the event, the FCC wrote, “The Act establishes a $1.75 billion TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund for the Commission to reimburse costs reasonably incurred by broadcasters who are relocated to new channels when broadcast spectrum is repacked following the auction.2 In the workshop, panelists will discuss: 1) the categories of reimbursable costs broadcasters might incur as a result of the repacking; and 2) how broadcasters can coordinate among themselves to mitigate costs and ensure the most efficient transition to new frequencies.”

Further details on the event are forthcoming.