FCC ups the ante for Miami pirate


Attitude definitely counts with the FCC. One of the things it appreciates more than just about anything is candor and honesty. So the FCC didn’t take kindly to being denied access to the suspected site on an unauthorized FM station, and the Commission didn’t just get mad, it got richer.

The other case involved Judith V. Smith of Miami FL. She was running a station on 95.9 MHz that called itself “Gospel Reggae FM” with a website and mailing address to match.

Both the FCC’s 6/27/10 signal trace to an address in Miami and the mailing address of the business were in fact the address of Smith’s residence.

Smith refused to allow an inspection of the station when confronted by the FCC, which carries a fine of $7K, along with the $10K for the unlicensed operation. The FCC decided to jack up the $10K fine to $15K for a $22K total assessment.

Smith was issued a notice of apparent liability on 5/16/11 and according to the FCC has not responded. That means the NAL will upgrade to a forfeiture notice. Smith has 30 days to settle up.