FCC’s May Open Meeting Set For Busy Thursday


The FCC’s official agenda for its May Open Meeting was released, and it will be held May 9 — the same day as several Q1 2019 earnings calls and a press conference from Telemundo focused on its 2019-2020 Upfront presentation.

The meeting, which starts at 10:30am Eastern, will see just one item of business that specifically impacts broadcast media.

That would be an Amendment of Part 74 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding FM Translator Interference (MB Docket No. 18-119).

It’s the third item of business on the meeting agenda, and the Commission will consider a
Report and Order that would adopt streamlined rules relating to interference caused by FM
translators and expedite the translator interference complaint resolution process.

The other item of business broadcast media will have much interest in pertains to the Commission’s Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2019 (MD
Docket No. 19-105).

This will see the FCC consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to seek comment
on proposed regulatory fees for Fiscal Year 2019.