Figenshu back to Radio


Bill 'Fig' Figenshu opened his full media consulting firm FigMedia-1, reported First by RBR on 07/05/05, RBR #131. At that time RBR also reported 'Battlefield Mgt. now Needed' – Why radio stocks and the companies are in the 'Read'em and Weep' column of business. From '05 to today, right this minute, that 'Read'em and Weep' continues as one key element is missing in many if not most of radio companies upper management structures it is called a front line battlefield experience. Now Figenshu, known as 'Fig,' resigned his COO position at Softwave Media Exchange (SWMX) yesterday, 6/06/07 RBR/TVBR First Bulletin, and will return to the day to day operations of his first passion, Radio. Fig is not saying yet what this radio venture is, but it will be broadcast radio after June 29th, his final day at SWMX.

Fig joined SWMX on 2/01/06 as COO giving his 'Battlefield Mgt.' experience to this young company and less than 24 months later, SWMX has close to 2,000 radio stations using its system and soon entering the television business. Fig stated, "I wish to thank Josh Wexler (CEO of SWMX Inc) and many of the talented people at SWMX for their support, dedication, and passion."

RBR observation: The old saying 'You can take the guy Out of Radio' but 'You Cannot take the Radio Out of the Guy' applies more to Fig than your average radio guy, he is not average. If you are guessing where Fig will be after his 30 day rest is back with Dan Mason and CBS Radio – Nope. This dog has more teeth than just going back to chew on an old bone. One thing is for sure, Fig has a stronger working knowledge of today's technology business environment than many in radio today.