First TV, Now Radio: A Local Buying Platform From Hudson MX


Until now, a company that’s been hiring in Atlanta and New York has been promoting software designed to help local TV attract advertising clients as digital media sucks away the dollars and business.

Now, similar software is being pitched to local radio, and Entercom is on board.

A local radio buying platform has been unveiled by Hudson MX, a company with a mission to empower media buyers “to deliver the full potential of local advertising.”

“Affording ease of use, simplicity, and control, Hudson MX enables local buyers to become more powerful with software and data,” the company notes.

How so? Via workflow software that allows targeted, precision buys at scale.

The first believer in what Hudson MX has to offer? Entercom, which is now the first partner on Hudson MX’s AgencyCloud, the brand name given to the software platform by Hudson MX.

As RBR+TVBR first reported on June 18, Hudson MX was launched by media executive JT Batson and a team of sell-side, buy-side, linear, and digital professionals and has already brought to market a suite of APIs for broadcasters and their technology and data partners; WideOrbit is involved.

To date, 19 agencies have been using Hudson MX to connect with more than 700 radio buyers with upward of 2,500 sellers in 210 markets, the company notes.

This represents more than 300 national advertisers.

In a private beta, more than $50 million in radio buys have been processed, Hudson MX adds.

“Hudson MX replicates and improves current workflow, instead of disrupting or replacing it,” the company explains. “It enables buying of whole markets in one place—all stations, all types of buys, and all inventory. Further, it collapses reporting times and enhances performance measurement so that local TV and radio buying more closely tracks the standards of programmatic digital.”

“Radio was the first medium to offer content in real time and it remains an absolutely vital part of the media landscape,” Hudson MX CEO Batson said. “While its place in our culture is unquestioned, radio’s ability to compete for advertising dollars has been hindered by a lack of modern software. By making the move beyond legacy systems, Entercom is helping our country’s biggest brands capitalize on the full potential of radio in real time.”

Entercom COO Weezie Kramer added, “Entercom has been focused on supply-side innovation and we are pleased to partner with Hudson MX in transforming the buy side of radio.”

Also a fan of the Hudson MX platform is Jennifer Hungerbuhler, EVP & MD of Local Audio and Video at Dentsu Aegis Network.

“We will continue to push for efficiencies that deliver incremental value to our clients, including a fully automated transactional process, the capability to layer in first party data, greater transparency into campaign management, as well as the ability to fluidly move dollars between digital and linear broadcasting,” she said, calling the Hudson MX platform “a one-stop shop” for our local buyers.

“Immediate access to available inventory has enabled more efficient negotiations, and the ability to optimize schedules and access real time campaign performance reporting ultimately enables us to deliver better buys on behalf of our clients,” Hungerbuhler said.