Embedded HD Radio Tool Gets Trio Of Configurations


One of the top tech companies servicing the broadcast media industry is ready to share three configurations with its now-available embedded HD Radio tool.

It will do so at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The configurations are for the GatesAir Flexiva FMXi 4g. Available as a single Exporter/Importer or as separate Importer and Exporter systems, the IT-based solution is designed to eliminate the maintenance of older hardware-based components while integrating the critically important function of HD Radio Diversity Delay.

GatesAir is also widening its Flexiva brand of FM and HD Radio solutions with a new 7.5 kW FAX air-cooled transmitter that bridges the gap between its lower and medium power models.

The new transmitter keeps all of the standard operational benefits of Flexiva’s high-efficiency architecture, including reduced footprint, power consumption and maintenance.

The FMXi 4g is also the industry’s first embedded HD Radio infrastructure solution to provide dynamic time and audio correction between analog (FM) and digital (HD Radio) signals. “The GatesAir-exclusive algorithm inside the FMXi 4g ensures proper time alignment between the two,” the company says. “This improves the listener experience in areas where the digital signal fades, ensuring program linearity and automatically removing objectionable blending artifacts. Built-in software intelligence aligns the time, levels and phase of the audio to deliver a clean and engaging audience experience.”

Ted Lantz, Radio Product Group VP/GM at GatesAir, notes that the convergence of Exporter and Importer functions into a single software-embedded system represents an important future direction for GatesAir. The FMXi 4g joins the recently-announced Intraplex Ascent embedded Audio over IP solution in GatesAir’s future strategy around IT and broadcast convergence.

“The removal of a standalone, computer-based Exporter or Importer eliminates the boot-up process and troublesome moving parts, and frees broadcasters from maintaining PC-based solutions,” Lantz said. “HD Radio implementation is simplified by eliminating complex configuration setups, along with having the Artist Experience integrated within the platform. These benefits are shared regardless of which of the three FMXi 4g configurations the customer chooses to deploy.”

GatesAir will demonstrate the FMXi 4g as part of its complete HD Radio Gen4 solution, along with its new Flexiva FAX 7.5 transmitter, at NAB from April 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. GatesAir exhibits at Booth N3303.