Flip flap: Super Bowl halftime pits NFL v NBC


After rap artist M.I.A. raised a finger, it seems that the NFL and NBC are pointing fingers at one another. NBC is saying that the NFL hired the talent and produced the show; NFL is saying that NBC failed to catch the moment of indecency. Meanwhile, others are wondering just how many people even noticed the finger flip as it flashed by.

There was a statement competition between the two entities, in which each seemingly tried to lay the blame on the other.

The question whether the FCC will do anything about the issue remains, and if the answer to the question is “yes” then when becomes a matter of conjecture. One would think that M.I.A.’s gesture resides fully in the realm of “fleeting.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, the artist had no intention of flipping off viewers of the halftime show, and indeed, like other performers had signed a decency clause. However, she used the gesture in a video of the material and a source close to M.I.A. said it simply slipped in spontaneously. She did not do it during rehearsals.

TiVo weighed in on the controversy, wondering just how much controversy actually exists. According to the Associated Press, the service says there has been no noticeable effort by users to find and replay the moment. Two million people in the US use the service.

RBR-TVBR observation: Here’s an idea: How about hiring that purple dinosaur Barney to do the halftime show? His friends can perform too – Elmo, Big Bird, Tinky Winky, Thomas the Tank Engi…forget it. Tinky Winky equals controversy – there is no safe halftime material. Maybe the football teams should just skip the break and keep playing.

By the way, we were encouraged to see that we weren’t the only people who didn’t even notice the horrifying halftime moment.

We further note that we have not been able to notice any lingering affect on American society caused by this horrific incident – in fact, we notice no affect of any kind. Nobody in our immediate area is even talking about it. We dare anybody to try to prove harm should this case ever go to trial.