FM Auction No. 79 takes shape


The gavel on the next free-for-all for allocated FM CPs is scheduled to fall 9/1/09, and at the moment, there are 121 applicants competing for 122 allotments. Of course, many of the applicants are interested in more than just one. In point of fact, the number of bidders is less – six of the 121 were flat-out rejected and 26 submitted incomplete applications.

The incompletes have until 6PM Eastern on Friday 7/31/09 to get all deposits and all complete and accurate paperwork to the FCC. The FCC promised to overnight information to those in the group detailing what exactly was lacking in their first attempt to apply.

Noncommercial entities were rejected because this is considered to essentially be a commercial auction. NCE applicants may only bid on stations that are not mutually exclusive – something of an impossibility, it would seem, since no fewer than eight companies or individuals are bidding on all 122 stations. Two others have over 100 on their dance card, and another eight are going after a dozen or more.

There were no recognizable major groups listed among the applicants.

Here are the applicants bidding on ten or more sticks:

Audion Communications, LLC (122)

Big Cat Broadcasting, LLC (122)

Flinn Jr., George S. (122 )

In Phase Broadcasting, Inc. (122)

Jackman Holding Company, LLC (122)

King, Bryan A. (122)

Newmyer III, Arthur G. (122)

Southern Media LLC (122)

Smith, Caroline (120)

Hosanna Apostolic Ministries Broadcasting Corporation (109)

Spanish Peaks Broadcasting, Inc. (87)

Doerner, William C. (35)

Zeller, Jordan E. (25)

Valleydale Broadcasting, LLC (21)

Christian Ministries of the Valley, Inc. (15)

Cochise Media Licenses, LLC (14)

IVC Television, Inc. (14)

L. Topaz Enterprises, Inc. (12)

RBR/TVBR observation: Is participation diminished due to the economy? Undoubtedly – earlier efforts to postpone this auction until credit conditions improved fell on deaf ears. We suspect prices will be deflated as well.