FM going to Texarkana AM pair


Freed AM Corporation is making room for an FM in its portfolio, getting a Hooks TX allocation from Family Life Broadcasting. It is a deal that swims against the tide – in an era when commercial band stations have been going noncom, this one moves in the opposite direction.

The station is KTRG-FM. It’s a Class A on 94.1 MHz with 2.35 kW @ 511’.

The price for the station will be $140K cash.

Freed owns two AM stations in the market, KKTK-AM Texarkana TX and KPYN-AM Atlanta TX.
A TBA has been in place since 5/17/12 that calls for a base payment of $3,560 per month, and even breaks down what that money is to be used for: $1,355 is earmarked for the GM’s salary, another $1,355 is for the salary of an additional employee, $800 is for tower rental and $50 is for insurance.