FM on cell Sprints forward


Next RadioNextRadio, the application that brings FM radio to life on the cell phones that are a ubiquitous feature of modern life, got an assist from Sprint that led to the comment “NextRadio’s very good day.”

What Sprint did was send out a push notification – bringing the service to the attention of non-users and reminding casual users about it. According to the TagStation team behind the service, “NextRadio had a record-breaking day.”

TagStation spelled it out: “To put the effects into context, on the day following the push notification, there were 10 times more new users than the previous week’s average, and a new one-day record of app downloads with over 29,000. We also blew our previous record day out of the water with 44% more device registrations, 10% more stations accessed through the app, and 27% more unique users. We also broke into the top 10 free music apps offered in the Google Play Store.”

TagStation is calling on the entire industry to push the service both over the air and via social media. “Let’s really make this increased exposure count for your current and potential listeners. After all, while you’re paying $0.10 cume per month to stream to the same smartphone listener you’re reaching them for free through NextRadio!”

Here are the latest stats on the service:
* Over 1,130,000 app downloads
* Over 10,670 FM radio stations tuned to from the app – over 3,500 a day
* Over 1,567,000 hours of listening through NextRadio – up 20% from last month
* A 4/5 Google Play Store user rating – over 10,600 reviews