FMs Translate into Value in Montgomery AM deal


SoldWe’re talking about a Montgomery AL AM, on the off chance anyone thought they spotted a typo in the headline. There’s a lot more to this deal than the transfer of an AM station.

However, WRBZ-AM Wetumka AL is the lynchpin of the deal.

The seller is J&W LLC, headed by President Johnny E. Roland.

The buyer is TBE LLC, headed by Managing Member Terry L. Barber.

The price is $210,000 cash.

TBE is entering into a three-way LMA. It began 5/1/15, with J&W leasing WRBZ-AM, and with Patrick M. Sullivan leasing two FM translators, W243CS and W238CE, both licensed to Montgomery AL. It is priced at $3,500 per month plus expenses.

If the transactions do not close at the same time, the monthly LMA fee will be broken down as follows: WRBZ-AM is worth $2,000 per month; W243CS is worth $900 per month; and W238CE is worth $600 per month.

TBE has a contract on file with the FCC to acquire one of the translators. It’s paying $100,000 for W243CS.

WRBZ-AM is a Class D on 1250 kHz with 5 kW-D, 80 W-N, ND. By day, the station does a good job of serving Montgomery. By night, its coverage is oriented to the northeast and gets but a small portion of the city.The station will form a duopoly with WMGY-AM, a Class D on 800 kHz with 1 kW-D, 143 W-N. It covers Montgomery both day and night.

W243CS gets the full city from its 96.5 MHz spot on the dial.

W238CE also covers the city via its 95.5 MHz signal. We’re watching for information on its sale to TBE. As yet nothing has been filed with the FCC.

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