Foothill and Odyssey in co-development kiddie deal


Foothill Entertainment, Inc. and Odyssey Pictures Corporation (OPIX: OTCQB) (Odyssey) are pleased to announce that they have signed a strategic co-development deal which will encompass both development funding and key joint business activities. The deal provides funding to move specified Foothill projects into next stages of development and also provides a first right of refusal to provide production funding.

The agreement, which will initially encompass two Foothill projects, Gunk Aliens and My Momtourage and Me can be expanded to include additional mutually agreed upon properties. Gunk Aliens is based on a book series published in the United Kingdom by HarperCollins Children’s Books. My Momtourage and Me is an original ‘tween property revolving around the daughter of the most famous female pop star in the world who, despite the glamorous lifestyle of her Mom and the entourage of people that look after her, really only longs for a normal life and most of all, a normal mom.

“Getting projects started the right way is crucial for children’s properties,” said Foothill President Jo Kavanagh-Payne. “That is why we are so pleased to find a partner like Odyssey who understands the importance of the development process to kick-start production.”

“This deal is part of Odyssey’s path of expansion into the children’s market,” remarked Odyssey’s CEO John Foster. “By forging strong relationships with key players like Foothill Entertainment, we accelerate our growth and take part in the crucial first step of content development. “

(Source: Odyssey Pictures Corporation)