Ford Brand Adv./Media Manager speaks at D.R.A.G. board meeting


FordIn attendance were Bill Burton, President/Detroit Radio Advertising Group (DRAG–pictured); Mike Koehler, Bell Media; Jack Saindon, Katz Radio;  Kevin Miller, Bell Media;  Julie Heidt, McGavren Guild Media; Rhea Zako, Eastman  Radio; Gayle Lewkow, Clear Channel;  Peter Kowalski, CBS Radio;  Matt Spatafora, Greater Media;  Don Kowalewski, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment;  Taara O’Shee, Cumulus Radio and Jim Watts, Premiere Radio Networks.

Keith Koeppen (also pictured, left), Ford Brand Advertising and Media Manager for Ford, spoke at the May D.R.A.G. Board of Directors meeting.

Keith talked about Ford Motor Company’s current massive pre-launch campaign for the Ford Escape, C-Max hybrids and the Ford Fusion, which will be in the showrooms this fall. A variation of the Ford Focus will be available in late Summer of 2012.  He stated that there would be a continuation of product launches that would start four months in advance of the release of each model.  Keith said that the Ford campaigns are “built to be profitable for all Ford models” and that “we have desirable cars for younger people now.”

Ford Advertising and Social Media

“Social media is used as an amplifier for all of our [Ford’s] ideas.”  To further explain this concept, Keith referred to a recent test study Ford conducted using the Ford Focus. Ford ran a week’s worth of advertising with no branding for the model. “The intent was not to deceive people.” According to Viral Video, the “Go Further” ad had nearly three million views.

Print, TV and Radio Advertising

Keith also talked about some previous advertising campaign slogans, such as “Ford, Drive One,” which was a very apologetic slogan. Ford is now perceived as being more confident but very humble. “Complacency has been driven out of the company,” he said. The current slogan “We go further so you can!” is 1) innovative, 2) attainable and 3) for people helping people. Statement #3 is rooted from the Ford 1920s ad that appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, “Open highways for all mankind.”