Dual Radio Reception Set For Two Ford Vehicles


FordDon’t like that signal loss while tuning to the HD-2 signal of a local radio station?

Consider getting a 2017 Ford Fusion and Ford Escape as your ride of choice.

Both models are now equipped with dual FM receivers developed by Sony, using technology designed to fill in signal gaps while on the road, delivering a clearer signal for a longer distance.

The technology is simple: It uses a second receiver and the rear window heater grid as an auxiliary antenna to help the radio choose between weak and overlapping signals. This is especially useful in cities and mountainous areas, where radio signals bounce.

“With dual antennas, the broadcast transitions seamlessly. No spits or wisps, and no hearing two radio stations at the same time,” said Andy Adrian, Ford antenna and reception engineer. “The system delivers the clean, high-quality sound you expect from a Ford vehicle.”

To test the dual antenna technology, Ford conducted a 4,200-mile test of radio signals in key DMAs – Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The number of speakers on Fusion Hybrid S and Hybrid SE models are increasing from six to nine to enhance Active Noise Control functionality, which emits sound waves that cancel out unwanted sounds in the cabin such as engine, transmission and wind noise.



  1. The Real HD fix: Besides programming, develop plug & play for existing FM tuners, like FM car converters did in the ’60s. AM stereo failed ’cause you had to buy a new Chevy to hear it.

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