Former FastChannel execs launch Extreme Reach


Extreme Reach officially launched yesterday to connect and simplify the world of video advertising. Founded by former executives from FastChannel Network, now DGFastChannel, Extreme Reach provides the first all-software platform that cost effectively enables advertisers and agencies to deliver, manage and track their commercial messages across all three screens of video — TV, Web and mobile.

The company is fueled by a Series A round of funding from Village Ventures and Long River Ventures. Funds will support product development, expand the Extreme Reach distribution network and increase worldwide sales and marketing efforts. Extreme Reach executives: John Roland, CEO, Tim Conley, COO, Dan Brackett, CTO, and Vice President of Sales, Patrick Hanavan, have more than 40 years of experience in the advertising industry.

"As online video advertising has evolved over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a slow, yet ever-increasing adoption of TV’s best practices to make the new medium more standardized and scalable," said John Roland, Extreme Reach CEO. "Now, online video advertising is increasingly adopting the tried and true TV model of pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising and even using the same commercials as those running on TV. The goal is to offer the breadth and scale of TV with the inherent accountability and measurability of the Internet. Our SaaS video platform simplifies the process for advertisers and agencies managing video campaigns across all media allowing them to overcome the problems created by media fragmentation and a lack of standards."

The Extreme Reach video platform consists of highly-specialized software tools that link hundreds of advertisers and agencies with thousands of TV broadcasters and cable providers and tens of thousands of Web and mobile publishers to form the Extreme Reach Network. The company offers the only single-source solution on the market for ad delivery and ad streaming to simplify the process of managing video advertising assets across several mediums.