These O&Os Go Programmatic In WideOrbit Deal


The owned-and-operated stations of one of the nation’s Big Four broadcast TV networks is adopting programmatic TV advertising. And, it’s partnered with San Francisco-based WideOrbit to make it happen.

FOX Television Stations will now offer ad buyers programmatic access to premium local broadcast advertising inventory, using WideOrbit’s WO Programmatic solutions.

The move makes the FOX Television Stations Group the largest local broadcast group in the U.S. to commit publicly to programmatic advertising sales. The group is comprised of 28 stations in 17 markets, reaching more than 37% of U.S. television homes.

The agreement with WideOrbit enables FOX-owned stations to offer programmatic advertising sales with three buying models:

  • An Open Marketplace to facilitate programmatic offers on FOX Stations-controlled ad inventory
  • Programmatic Direct to automate transactions with selected buying partners
  • An integration with CoreMedia Systems for Direct Response ad buyers to place orders programmatically.

FOX Television Stations President/Sales Jim Burke said, “Based on our tests over the last year, we are convinced that programmatic advertising will be a complementary additional sales channel for our stations. Opening a programmatic sales channel is a clear win for everyone involved in the media buying process and we’re proud to be the first network owned-and-operated group to offer it to our buying partners.”

WideOrbit’s programmatic TV platform includes inventory from more than 750 stations reaching upward of 93% of U.S. households.

Eric R. Mathewson, WideOrbit’s founder and CEO, said, “FOX’s embrace of programmatic advertising shows that it is committed to setting up its stations to capitalize on new revenue opportunities and offering its customers robust solutions for making better audience targeting decisions and automating processes.”