FOX News Radio and BlogTalkRadio partner


FOX News Radio and BlogTalkRadio, the world’s largest citizen broadcasting network, have partnered to bring listeners “Election 2008: Battle of the Blog Talkers,” beginning today at 2:00 p.m. ET. Listeners of FOX News Radio’s “FOX Across America,” carried on and Sirius XM Radio, will select their favorite BlogTalkRadio hosts from each side of the political spectrum during a weeklong, one-on-one tournament.

Hosted by Spencer Hughes, the FOX News Radio-BlogTalkRadio co-production gets under way one month prior to Election Day. In Round 1 of the battle, Hughes will moderate a debate between two bloggers from BlogTalkRadio’s Heading Left (liberal) station. Each blogger will have five minutes of uninterrupted time to respond to the same topic.

Listeners then vote (via mobile-text message and online poll) for their favorite blog talker, who in turn moves onto Round 3. Meanwhile, two bloggers from the Heading Right (conservative) station square off in Round 2, with the most popular moving onto Round 4. And in Round 5, the Heading Left and Heading Right victors go head to head.

After each round, the topics will be opened to discussion with Hughes, and with listeners calling into the show.
Throughout the week of Oct. 20, live from 8 to 9 a.m. EDT, the Heading Left and Heading Right victors will join Hughes in co-hosting a special FOX News Radio Election 2008 series.

Following are the BlogTalkRadio hosts competing in the Battle of the Blog Talkers:

Heading Left
-Lynne Lupien of Lowell, MA: “Left Ahead.”
-Julie Pippert of Houston, TX: “MOMocrats.”
-David McLaughlin of Rome, GA: “The Kudzu Vine.”
-Tom D’Antoni of Portland, OR: “D’Antoni and Levine.”

Heading Right
-Kevin Ross of Los Angeles, CA: “The Kevin Ross Show.”
-Chad Everson of Princeton, MN: “Grizzly Groundswell.”
-Elizabeth Blackney of Bend, OR: “Media Lizzy.”
-Andrea Shea King of Cape Canaveral, FL: “Andrea Shea King Show.”