Fox Sunday results


FOXFOX ranked #1 last night among Adults 18-34, Teens and Men 18-49.

* BOB’S BURGERS (R): 0.8/3                                                               * THE CLEVELAND SHOW: 1.6/4,up +33% from two weeks ago                                                            * THE SIMPSONS: 2.5/7, down -4% from two weeks ago                                                               * NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: 2.0/5, the same as its last airing two weeks ago                                                         * FAMILY GUY: 2.8/7, the same as two weeks ago * AMERICAN DAD: 2.1/5, down -5% from two weeks ago

FAMILY GUY was the highest-rated program of the night among Adults 18-34, Teens and Men 18-49, and all of last night’s animated originals won their respective half hours among Men 18-49.

Competition ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos (2.2/6), Once Upon A Time (3.4/9), and Desperate Housewives (2.5/6) were all up from their most recent telecasts (+10%, +10%, and +14% vs. 2/19/12, respectively). New drama GCB premiered with a 2.2/6 at 10pm, down -29% from Pan Am’s debut in the time period last fall (3.1/8 on 9/25/11).

On CBS, 60 Minutes (1.6/5) was low, down -11% from its most recent telecast (1.8/5 on 2/19/12), while The Amazing Race (2.8/7) was up +27% from last week’s episode.. At 9p, The Good Wife (1.8/4) posted its lowest original rating ever, down -14% from its last original (2.1/5 on 2/19/12). CSI: Miami (2.0/5) was on the low side at 10pm, down -9% from its most recent original (2.2/6 on 2/19/12).

Following Dateline at 7p (1.0/3, down -38% from 1.6/4 three weeks ago) and a repeat Celebrity Apprentice at 8p (1.1/3), NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice (2.3/6) was up +28% from last week’s episode, but through three weeks is down -21% from its comparable performance last year (2.2/6 vs. 2.8/7).
(Source: Fox)

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