Free Consumer Engagement Testing for Audio Advertisers


KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — Audio commercials have a particular trait that sets them apart from visual advertisements, and the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters is now on a quest to illustrate that positive differentiation point to marketers.

Emotional engagement rings true with audio ads. And, the PAB is partnering with a former longtime Philadelphia radio station owner, along with a consumer engagement specialist, to prove its point.

The PAB is working with Sensory Logic, a Minneapolis-based company, and former WBEB-FM in Philadelphia owner Jerry Lee, now associated with Spot Q Services.

The agreement will see Sensory Logic test audio campaigns to ensure commercials are emotionally engaging to consumers, the PAB says.

Sensory Logic will also provide “detailed, step-by-step, feedback to help copywriters, agencies and radio stations create advertising campaigns that generate a larger return-on-investment.”

One individual eager to see the results of the study is Jim Loftus, former WBEB CEO under Jerry Lee and now a key figure at Seven Mountains Media alongside Kristin Cantrell. “Engaging commercials delivered results unlike anything that I’d ever worked with before,” he says. “Better results provided clients with activated consumers and helped grow our business, making WBEB Philly’s No. 1 station for more than 20 years.”

Lee was instrumental in developing Sensory Logic’s system to test and give feedback for Audio Commercials.

The PAB’s plan: to jump start audio testing on behalf of its members. The professional organization will initially pay for testing and feedback for 5 advertisers group member per market.

The goal of the PAB, Sensory Logic, and Jerry Lee’s Spot Q Services is to increase revenue for more than 3,000 Pennsylvania radio advertisers who annually spend above $10,000.