FreeWheel Bestows Official CRO Stripes on Acting Leader


He’s been the acting Chief Revenue Officer since January 2020.

Now, he has officially gained the title at the Comcast Advertising arm known as FreeWheel.

Mark McKee is responsible for FreeWheel’s sales revenue and execution across all
U.S. lines of business with a strategic focus on customer experience and account strategy.

“Mark is an industry leader with a finger on the pulse of today’s dynamic advertising industry,” said FreeWheel GM Dave Clark. “He has been able to combine his visibility into areas of challenge with prioritization of areas with greater opportunity to deliver results and value for our customers.”

Until the start of 2020, McKee was a VP of Marketing at FreeWheel.

Prior to joining FreeWheel in 2018, McKee was a Sr. VP at Videology, where he oversaw
North American commercial functions. He also held sales strategy and development leadership roles at Joost and Massive Incorporated.