From The NAB Show: A Suite Of ATSC 3.0-Optimized Products


LAS VEGAS — The coming ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard is the talk of the media and entertainment industry, and vendors galore are touting their products designed to “unleash the full power” of the emerging next-gen TV standard’s specifications.

Among the companies vying for attention is Imagine Communications, which has partnered with broadcast TV giant Sinclair Broadcast Group in showcasing what it says is its ability to offer broadcaster a “comprehensive ATSC 3.0-optimized solution portfolio.”

Specifically, Imagine is demonstrating how the next-gen TV standard creates the opportunity for national and regional broadcasters to harness new business and distribution capabilities, including the integration of broadband and broadcast for targeted and personalized content and advertising.

The Imagine portfolio offers integration across traditional broadcast, over-the-top (OTT) multiscreen delivery and ad management domains.

Joint demonstrations and presentations with Sinclair representatives at Imagine’s 2017 NAB Show booth (SL1516) assist in showing how ATSC 3.0-enabled services can expand the business opportunities of broadcasters.

“The advanced capabilities of ATSC 3.0 provide national and regional broadcasters with the ability to completely revolutionize the services they offer consumers and how they can monetize those services,” said Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt. “The next-generation innovations that Imagine has been honing for the past few years in IP-based and Cloud-Native playout, multiscreen delivery and multiplatform advertising provide broadcasters with a tremendous opportunity to fully exploit the capabilities of this enhanced digital TV standard and to interact with consumers and advertisers in ways that have never been available to them in the past.”

Imagine has been a close contributor to Sinclair’s NextGen TV project, an initiative to explore the technical and commercial capabilities of ATSC 3.0.

Sinclair is currently working with Imagine in the Baltimore area to test the capabilities of Cloud-Native playout, regionalized advertising and the optimization of inventory across multiple platforms.

“ATSC 3.0 is a real game changer for Sinclair and other local and regional broadcast groups,” said Sinclair Chief Technology Officer and SVP Del Parks. “Imagine has been a significant contributor to our efforts to put into practice the full power of this standard and provide the consumers we serve with an unprecedented and personalized television experience, both today and well into the future, while at the same time delivering advertisers a precisely targeted and highly engaged audience.”


Sarah Foss, CPO of Imagine’s Advertising Management Solutions portfolio, added, “The new capabilities of ATSC 3.0 provide broadcasters with a potential goldmine in new inventory. Broadcasters have never needed to be concerned about selling ads across zones or across platforms before. Imagine provides broadcasters with tools and technology that will allow them to break out of the ATSC 3.0 gate at full speed.”