Furman Roth creates radio spots for B&H Photo & Video


In response to the current economic slowdown, Furman Roth Advertising in New York has just produced seven new radio spots for B&H Photo & Video.  The new commercials have been created to address consumers’ increased sensitivity toward value and price.  B&H will air these 60-second spots on leading New York stations beginning Tuesday, June 30th.

For the past nine years, B&H radio spots—all created by Furman Roth—have been short comedy vignettes featuring the tagline “You Go to B&H!” and focusing equally on the wide range of photo and video choices, professional service and their level of expertise, as well as price. Acknowledging the current economic climate, the new spots feature the B&H value message more strongly.

While still using humorous vignettes (featuring a visit to a fortune teller, a conversation with an argumentative GPS unit, and word association therapy at a psychiatrist’s office, among others), the spots go beyond B&H’s usual branding strategy to highlight that the regular everyday prices at B&H are often lower than the sale prices at other camera and electronics stores. 

B&H Photo and Video, which continues to rely on radio as their primary media vehicle, is a one location superstore located at 9th Avenue and 34th Street in Manhattan.