Future of Video gets a date


U.S. CongressWe knew House Communications Subcommittee Chair Greg Walden (R-OR) wanted to explore the future of audio/visual communication. Now we know when.

The session is now on the calendar for Wednesday 6/27/12. It will kick off at 10AM Eastern.

The hearing will bookend the earlier hearing held by Walden on the future of audio. During that session, a number of hot button issues were put on the table, and the panel was filled with witnesses who had competing interests. It devolved into discussions of two main topics, FM on mobile and performance royalties on broadcast radio.

There is no shortage of hot button issues facing the television industry at the moment – we expect the dominant topics will be channel repacking/incentive spectrum auctions and retransmission consent. Online posting of political advertising information could also be a topic.

No witnesses have been named as yet, nor has Walden issued a background memo on the topics he’s most interested in. Stay tuned.