G Accelerate Signs FMR Associates for U.S. Radio Affiliation, Ad Sales


FMR Associates, an international media research firm that specializes in strategic marketing studies and has extensive experience in radio, has signed exclusively with G Accelerate for radio affiliation and ad sales in the U.S. 

The deal makes FMR’s research services available to radio stations for the first time on a barter basis. The announcement was made by Jim Higgins, President and Chief Executive Officer of G Accelerate Networks, and radio veteran Kent Phillips, Managing Partner of FMR Associates.

“In today’s data-driven marketplace, it’s imperative that radio stations fully understand their audience’s evolving tastes,” Higgins said. “Speculating on what listeners want doesn’t cut it anymore.  Kent is well-known and respected across the radio industry. At FMR, Kent is leading a team of experts in both research and radio to deliver the listener facts and insights that stations need to compete, stay ahead of new trends, and win ratings.”

FMR’s research services include:

  • Perceptual Research Services
    • Perceptual/Tracking Studies
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Local Radio Analysis (LRA)
    • Format Opportunity Analysis
    • Advertiser Perception Studies
  • Music Library Testing
  • MusicTrac Call-Out Research

“When Jim launched G Accelerate, I knew he was the right partner to lead FMR into barter deals with radio stations,” Phillips said. “While cash arrangements are always an option for new and existing affiliates, with G Accelerate we are now able to extend our research services to stations that find a barter deal works better for them. There just isn’t anyone else I would trust to do this with.”

Higgins added, “We’re delighted to partner with FMR and offer their exceptional research services on a barter basis to radio stations across the country. The robust data from FMR’s research goes deep to gauge listener satisfaction and identify market opportunities with rigorously tested, comprehensive surveys that are customized to fit a radio station’s specific research objectives.”

FMR’s Perceptual Research Studies assess media usage patterns, preferences, awareness and/or imaging, and include tracking studies to measure over time. All FMR Reports include an analysis of key demographic and ‘behavographic’ variables.