GatesAir signs with Alpha Broadcasting for new TX


Gates-AirGatesAir, leader in over-the-air broadcast solutions for radio and television, has improved operational efficiency and on-air signal quality for Alpha Broadcasting’s Country-formatted KUPL-FM Portland with a new high-power Flexiva FM transmitter.

Alpha says it selected the Flexiva FAX20 (20kW) transmitter following an evaluation period that included several competitive transmitters, with GatesAir winning on total cost of ownership, performance and exceptional customer service.

“The Flexiva is a forward-looking confluence of innovative design, compact footprint, price point and ease of installation that is ahead of the efficiency curve,” said Michael Everhart, director of engineering at Alpha Broadcasting.  “However, we see the maintenance aspect as the biggest benefit for us in terms of operating costs.  It’s a lightweight transmitter, and it was very simple to install the power supplies and amplifier modules.  That makes for a sensible design that is easy to navigate and maintain over the long run.”

KUPL listeners have enjoyed a “distinct improvement in sound quality” since deploying the transmitter.  This is in part due to the integrated Flexiva FAX exciter, which provides a stable and consistent signal and requires virtually no readjusting to maintain premium quality.  The FAX exciter also gives the station a clear path to HD Radio broadcasting should the station upgrade in the future.

“GatesAir’s emphasis on customer service is as much a part of our entrepreneurial spirit as our ongoing innovations in highly efficient, complete over-the-air solutions for radio and television broadcasters,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir.  “Our customer-first approach looks beyond delivering products to helping our customers architect complete solutions that reduce operating costs over many years, and create new opportunities to monetize their over-the-air services.”