GatesAir To Expand Maxiva Transmission Family


GatesAir is broadening its range of Maxiva transmitters and next-generation software innovations for digital broadcasters. And, while the NAB Show has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is moving forward with bringing to market the first Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitter line for VHF television.

Also moving forward are plans to bring to consumers “several ATSC 3.0 software innovations to address the unique IP networking architecture and security requirements of NextGen TV.”

That would be STL Security, a layer that encrypts the ATSC 3.0 content path. These features, along with a secure HTML5 web interface, are available in all Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters.

“GatesAir has been focused on development roadmaps for ATSC 3.0 for years, and has tested and validated the basic feature sets of the standard,” said Ray Miklius, Vice President and General Manager, TV Products, GatesAir. “We have now turned our attention to software development for advanced ATSC 3.0 features, including access control and improved user account management. These innovations ensure that our customers are fully prepared for NextGen TV operations.”

The NAB Show was to serve as the global debut of GatesAir’s Maxiva VLX-OP Series. The transmitter line covers low-band VHF (Channels 2-6), high-band VHF (Channels 7-13), and DAB/DAB+ radio. The VLX-OP Series offers the same software-defined modulations as Maxiva VAXTE air-cooled transmitters to support global analog and digital standards.

Like GatesAir’s Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF transmitters, the VLX-OP Series integrates redundant, liquid-cooling pumps that move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors. The system minimizes cooling requirements inside RF shelters. The VLX-OP Series also leverages the power density of Maxiva transmitters to reduce size and weight, and hot-swappable modular designs to streamline maintenance.

— Brian Galante