GatesAir’s Broadcast Antenna Choice Advice


Is the individual charged with choosing and deploying the right broadcast antenna for your stations stumped?

Have them mark off an hour of their calendar on Thursday for a webinar that is designed to answer all of their questions and make them fully informed on what to do.

The free webinar, scheduled for 2pm Eastern on August 16, is presented by GatesAir TV Systems Applications Engineer Steven Rossitier.

Rossitier will deliver “a crash course” that focuses on the use of antenna gain, null fill and beam tilt as well as the relationship between your transmitter and antenna, and how to properly match and configure both to maximize your Antenna Gain, Transmitter Power, and Coverage.

Rossitier is based in the Quincy, Ill., facility and has been in his role since February 2014.

From November 2007 until February 2014, he served as a TV Applications Engineer for Harris Corp., the predecessor to GatesAir.

He has also been an antenna systems applications enginner for SPX and for 21 years was a sergeant first class in the United States Army Reserve.

To participate in this webinar, please register via the link here: