Spot Cable’s Big Auto Insurance Duo


It’s a surprise to no one that auto insurance companies are among the biggest users of traditional media to get their advertising messages to consumers.

Spot cable is one of these media choices, and outreach from two brands in particular leads the pack — in a big way — in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report.

For the week ending August 18, GEICO was the big No. 1 at spot cable, thanks to 66,303 spot plays detected by iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors.

At No. 2 is Liberty Mutual Insurance — which now has its own irreverent campaign featuring a slow-witted cop and … an emu. If GEICO can use a gecko, then an emu playing of “LiMu” doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Also in the mix: State Farm and Progressive.

Also of note in the latest Spot Ten Cable report: The QSR battle puts Burger King ahead of Arby’s and Domino‘s.