GEICO Wins At Radio Once Again


by Diana Stokey, Media Monitors

In last week’s Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten report, GEICO held on to No. 1 with 49,240 spots. iHeartRadio moved up to No. 2 with 33,737 ads and Wendy’s climbed from No. 53 to No. 3 with 32,833 commercials. Indeed remained at No. 4 with 32,531 spots while The Home Depot dropped to No. 5 with 32,180 ads. The US Department of Transportation rose to No. 6 with 30,435 commercials and JCPenney escalated to No. 7 airing 29,255 spots. McDonald’s fell to No. 8 with 26,133 ads and Lowe’s slipped to No. 9 airing 25,077 commercials. eBay held steady at No. 10 with 23,531 spots.