Gen Media Partners Launches a Multicultural Initiative


NEW YORK — Gen Media Partners has created a strategic task force designed “to champion the power and influence of certified minority-owned and -targeted radio stations to advertisers and agencies.”

It will advocate on behalf of multicultural-owned and -targeted radio stations “and demonstrate multicultural radio’s remarkable power to connect with audiences.”

SVP/Hispanic Platforms and MC Initiatives Ann-Marie Figueira will lead the initiative.

“Our goal – our job – is to make sure advertisers and their agencies look beyond the large-scale companies and include independent, certified minority-owned and -targeted radio groups in their plans,” explains Kevin Garrity, Chief Executive Officer of Gen Media Partners. “We’re already seeing a receptiveness to learning more about these stations and their effectiveness at reaching multicultural audiences with content that is relevant to their specific lifestyles, tastes, and cultures.”

GMP represents 1,176 radio stations in 168 markets, and claims to reach 95% of the U.S. multicultural population.

— Renee Cassis