Gen2Media and Regent partner to for radio websites


Gen2Media signed a Joint Venture agreement with Regent Communications to create, develop and manage an ad-supported online television channel for each of Regent’s 60 station websites. Leveraging Gen2Media’s patented video publishing and content management program, each of Regent’s radio station websites will feature its own individually-branded Internet television channel with access to originally produced or syndicated video content and programming.

The rollout schedule, beginning this month, starts with the Regent radio properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan: WLHT-FM 95.7 (Adult Contemporary); WGRD-FM 97.9 (Modern Rock); and WTRV-FM 100.5 (Soft Adult Contemporary). Stations serving Evansville, Indiana; Owensboro, Kentucky; Albany, New York; and Buffalo, New York will follow in April, May and June. All remaining stations will launch on a successive basis between July and December of this year. You can see it in action at and at Regent’s : click on WGRD TV. We saw four different content channels—including station interviews and more specific format video channels: “Rock Alternative,” “WGRD Alternative” and “WGRD Tat Rock.”

Gen2Media is being advised by Jay Meyers, President and CEO of Broadcast Management & Technology. Affiliations are handled by Bob Dunphy, President of Beachfront Digital in New York.

Meyers tells us stations can also do customized content, for example where the morning team hosts own video channel. “They can do as much customization as they want.”

Mary Spio, Gen2Media President, noted, “A key component of Gen2Media’s growth strategy is working with our corporate and media partners to launch highly customized online TV networks and to work with them to monetize those networks through engaging advertising and marketing programs that build brand loyalty and promote enduring customer retention. We are extremely proud of the success of our model, and we are thrilled to be working with yet another world class broadcasting organization like Regent.”

We noticed ABC Family was already advertising on the WGRD site, as well as a few others.

Gen2Media licenses and syndicates a library of digital content and original programming. The TV channel is compatible with their existing scheduling software and includes proprietary features such as time-of-day programming, seamless playback, drag-and-drop video management and ad loading.