Genachowski creates task force to study spectrum


Two of the FCC’s chiefs will be organizing a cross-departmental task force set up by Chairman Julius Genachowski to get to work on the spectrum challenges posed by the implementation of the National Broadband Plan. They come from the Engineering and Wireless sectors.

Julius Knapp, Chief of the Office of Engineering Technology and Ruth Milkman, Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau are the FCC execs tasked with overseeing the task force.

“To lead the world in mobile, the FCC must ensure that our nation’s spectrum is being put to its highest and best use,” said FCC Chairman Genachowski. “Maximizing this essential 21st century resource will create jobs, drive economic growth, and encourage innovation and investment. The FCC’s National Broadband Plan lays out a comprehensive roadmap for promoting greater spectrum efficiency and flexibility, and ensuring sufficient spectrum for broadband. The Spectrum Task Force will keep us on this charted course.”

The Media Bureau chief will have a role in the task force, as will the chiefs of Enforcement, International, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureaus, and the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis. In other words, just about all the chiefs will have a role.

RBR-TVBR observation: There is no specific mention of broadcast spectrum in this announcement. We like that. Let’s keep it that way!