Genachowski, McDowell on the hotseat today


The Senate Commerce Committee has booked to guests for its 2:30 PM session – aspiring FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and returning veteran rank and file Commissioner wannabe Robert McDowell. It is believed that both will easily pass through the committee for full Senate consideration. We’re still awaiting word on when the two other nominees will get their own grilling. The Democrats have Mignon Clyburn waiting in the wings, and it is widely believed that Meredith Atwell-Baker will be the Republican candidate.

RBR/TVBR observation: The next FCC open meeting is only about two weeks away. McDowell will be on hand regardless, but it will be interesting to see if Genachowski will be in the seat in the middle of the FCC panel. Confirmation by the full Senate could be swift, or it could be prolonged for months – there is nothing to stop some disgruntled member from holding him hostage to forward a totally unrelated cause (just ask frequent political football Jonathan Adelstein). Stay tuned.