'General Hospital' Brenda is back facing Russian mob (review)


Jason is back in prison and Brenda returns and the heat is now going to be turned up to super high. If you missed the continuing plot then here are the key facts on GH and what is going to happen this week:

Monday-Franco settles his mother and baby Aiden in Oregon and embarks on a new masterpiece involving his latest inspiration with another resident in Port Charles. Lucky looks for clues in Woodstock while Jason and Dante scratch for leads with Spinelli. Johnny presses Claire to prosecute Sonny now that she has physical proof of his illegal dealings. Still dangling the pregnancy option, Claire offers Sonny a way out. Carly reminds Brook to focus on dismantling Dante and Lulu. Robin discovers photos of her and Patrick defaced inside her locker.

Tuesday- Jason, Dante and Spinelli search for clues regarding Franco and Aiden. Sam overhears Lulu venting about the risks Dante faces by teaming up with Jason. Sam presses for a final night of romance with Jason. Michael interrupts Lulu and Dante getting romantic. Claire eggs Sonny on about the incriminating photographs, but Sonny remains flirtatious and seductive. Carly explains to Johnny that she feels betrayed by both Dante and Sonny. Sonny and Carly spar about Johnny. Robin shows Patrick the mutilated photos.  Shaken, Patrick demands an explanation from Lisa, who denies culpability and attacks the couple for their accusations. Tracy visits Ethan, genuinely concerned for his well being after the hospital shooting.  She offers a room at the Quartermaine home for his recovery. 

Wednesday- Spinelli makes a breakthrough in the search for baby Aiden. Liz struggles with guilt after Helena rips into her about baby Aiden’s kidnapping. Lulu resolves to be a better sister to Nikolas in his time of need, while Liz mends fences with her brother, Steve. Ronnie arrives to arrest Jason and return him to Pentonville. Carly presses Brook to back off Johnny and get back on track seducing Dante. Mac is angry to discover that Maxie is now dating Matt. Ethan sees that Maya is having trouble letting go of their recent brush with violence.

Thursday- Dante steals files at the PCPD and successfully delays Jason’s return to prison. Lucky and Spinelli pinpoint the address where baby Aiden is being held and Lucky prepares to recover the child. Liz agrees to move into Wyndemere with Nik.  Helena is poised to tell Nik and Liz the truth about the baby’s paternity.  Sonny puts a plan in motion to take retribution on Johnny.  Dante arrests Johnny for the murder of Carlos Lopez. Carly calls Brook’s bluff and forces her back in line. Tracy announces she will nurse Ethan back to health.

Friday- Dante continues to fight for Jason’s freedom, but Jason is returned to Pentonville. Lucky uses clever tactics to gain access to baby Aiden. With Alexis’ support, Liz and Nik throw Helena out of the house. Helena changes her mind about telling Nik and Liz the true paternity of the baby. Sonny watches Johnny being arrested, pleased with himself for the set-up while feigning innocence. Jason and Johnny discuss the brewing mob war. Robin hears from her old friend Brenda. Sonny reminisces about Brenda. Carly interrupts Lulu attempting to make peace with Spinelli

This week on GH: 

Monday, 8/9 
Sonny tells Claire of his history with Brenda.
Will Lucky be able to retrieve baby Aiden?
Brook purposefully gets drenched in the rain and arrives shivering at Dante’s home. 

Tuesday, 8/10  
Encore Brenda episodes.

Wednesday, 8/11 
Vanessa Marcil returns in the role of Brenda Barrett.
Lucky and Maxie share a kiss.
Carly tells Lulu that Dante cannot be trusted.
Thursday, 8/12 
Brenda faces dangerous threats from the Russian mob.
Johnny tells Ethan of his plan to undercut Sonny.
Sam offers Jason a solution to get out of prison.
Friday, 8/13  
Brenda becomes haunted by thoughts of her past with Sonny.
Will Claire be able to get Jason released from prison at Sonny’s request?
Dante, Johnny and Ethan lie to the police to protect Michael. 

(source: ABC)