Jason is out of prison and Franco has returned and is now hunting. Coming up this week Franco reveals himself to Maxie. And the biggie: Will Jason, Dante and Spinelli uncover the significance of the 66 roses Franco gave to Maxie. But before we get to far ahead let’s catch-up for those who may have missed a day or two of GH:

Monday- Jason demands a gun to protect himself from Franco.  Dante refuses for fear it will enable him to run and emphasizes that Jason’s role is merely to lure Franco, not apprehend or kill him. Sonny asks Jason to promise to return to prison. Luke reminds Sonny that he lost his first wife Lilly in a car bomb meant for him planted by Lilly’s father. Luke tells Sonny that payback will only come to hurt his family. Olivia calls Kristina and Johnny out on their charade relationship and Olivia alleges that Johnny loves his vendetta more than he loves her. Patrick follows Lisa up to her apartment and they share a hungry, passionate kiss.

Tuesday- Concerned he may be sent back to prison if Jason runs, Michael and Dante talk through their recent experience with the law. Lulu returns to reconcile with Dante and the couple has make-up sex. Max and Milo prep the car bomb to explode Friday evening to kill Johnny. Luke entices Ethan with a trip Monte Carlo, but Ethan refuses so he can join a Friday evening meeting with Johnny.  Luke asks Lucky to help get Ethan away from Johnny. As an alibi and to protect his children, Sonny asks Alexis to arrange a family dinner with Kristina and Michael for Friday night. Patrick pulls back from a kiss with Lisa and she kicks him out of her apartment. Steve and Epiphany break bad news to Liz that Shirley’s cancer has spread to her brain. Maxie confides in Lucky that she is frightened Franco is back. Maya invites herself over to break things off with Ethan. 

Wednesday- Franco returns to Port Charles and comes looking for Jason at Harbor View Towers dressed as a homeless man. Jason is released into Dante’s custody and Claire orchestrates a press conference to draw Franco out.  Both Sam and Spinelli have competing plans to welcome Jason home. Luke comes up with an errand for Ethan to perform Friday night. Ethan agrees, unaware his father is saving his life. Hoping to make Tracy miss him, Luke packs his bag for a trip.  The Spencer children give their dad a loving send-off only to find out from a livid Tracy that he has stolen $10M from her. Steve lifts Patrick’s suspension so he can perform Shirley’s surgery. Maxie meets up with Matt and finds she is reluctant to give him up.

Thursday- Maxie goes to visit Jason and Spinelli at Harbor View Towers and sees an eerily familiar homeless man outside the building. Dante becomes suspicious of the homeless man. Sonny reviews the car bomb plans with Max and Milo.  Sonny discovers Johnny in his restaurant and the two face off. Kristina tells Molly her plans to spend tonight with Johnny. Olivia tells Sonny the truth about Kristina and Johnny that’s it’s just a ruse to upset him. Sonny arrives for the family dinner and Kristina slips out to see Johnny. Patrick and Lisa start the surgery and encounter several dangerous challenges and Patrick manages to successfully remove all the cancer. Lulu talks to Tracy about her father’s honest love for her. 

Friday-Dante pursues the homeless man on foot as he bolts through the streets.  But when Dante catches up to him it is not Franco. Spinelli locates Franco’s mother, Karen Anderson in Woodstock, NY and Jason and Dante go off to pursue the lead.  Karen answers the door but denies having a son. Maxie receives two dozen roses at the office and is surprised when Franco visits her in person with another 6 roses – a total of 66. Sonny realizes Kristina is missing and with Johnny and rushes to save her.  Johnny has finally gotten through to Kristina and she agrees to end their ruse and pursue a healthier approach to life. Johnny offers to drive her home and as he unlocks the car it explodes. Patrick and Lisa celebrate the surgery success over drinks at the Metro Court as she continues to praise him and reminisce over their good times in college.  From Shirley’s positive influence, Liz shares remorse for how she treated Nik and is determined to take a more grateful approach to life.

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Monday, 7/5 Encore Episode

Tuesday, 7/6 
Franco reveals himself to Maxie.
Kristina is caught in the blast.
Patrick is consumed with guilt.

Wednesday, 7/7 
Will Jason, Dante and Spinelli uncover the significance of the 66 roses Franco gave to
Franco talks to his mother about his masterpiece.
Sonny lies to Alexis.
Thursday, 7/8  
Olivia has a goodbye tryst with Johnny. 
Sonny lays down the law with Kristina.
Maxie plants a kiss on Lucky.
Friday, 7/9  
Alexis tells Sonny he should use birth control.
Robin comes on to Patrick in the supply closet.
Spinelli makes a decision.
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