‘General Hospital’ Jason enters Michael’s cell; Sonny goes to therapy


One hot week and on Monday-Jason enters Michael’s cell, finding him physically battered and unresponsive.  Michael refuses to discuss what happened and admits he feels pathetic about having Jason as a babysitter. Carly offers to pay Brooke’s debts and put her up in Port Charles in trade for Brooke sleeping with Dante.  Lulu is distant with Dante and avoids telling Dante that she had an abortion when she was a teenager. Sonny threatens to kill Johnny who is egging him on by stealing his business partners.  Claire asks Dante to help her put Sonny behind bars so Michael can get released. Liz acts irresponsibly, missing her ultrasound and mistakenly taking the kids when it is Lucky’s day to spend time with them. 

Tuesday-Jason discusses teaching Michael self-defense, and Michael gives him the run-down on life in jail, cautioning that lock-down does not mean one is safe. Jason witnesses firsthand just how much physical pain Michael is in from bruised back and ribs. Carly offers Brook an incentive of $50K if she gets pictures of Dante cheating on Lulu with her.  Lulu tells Dante about her abortion.  Helene has Tracy in a dungeon and reveals her evil Cassadine plot to use Luke as a way to lure Nik to kill Lucky. Liz finds Nik waiting for her at home, and he accuses her carelessness as an attempt to have a miscarriage on purpose.

Wednesday- Olivia sees Carly and Brook having breakfast together and is suspicious at the pairing.  Carly and Brook plot their next move. Sonny makes a deal with Claire to help him bring down Johnny Zacchara before a mob war breaks out.  After breaking into the Cassadine residence, Luke runs into Thor who reunites him with Tracy in the dungeon. Patrick falls prey to jealousy from Lisa’s purposeful flirting with Steve.

Thursday- Jason and Michael work on self-defense techniques together to bolster Michael’s confidence and spirits. Jason attempts to find out who hurt Michael, but Michael demands that Jason leave the topic alone. Brook plays up the drama between Olivia and Johnny, gaining Dante’s appreciation and trust. Claire confides in Lucky that despite striking a deal with Sonny, she thinks she can successfully double-cross him and bring down both mobsters. 

Friday- Carly visits Michael in jail and is upset to discover him injured. Carly tells Jason she wants Dante and Lulu to pay. Kristina visits Michael and asserts that it is Sonny’s fault Michael is in jail.  Sam visits Jason but cannot have a conjugal visit because she is not legally his wife. Sonny reveals to Olivia that he is purposefully provoking Johnny so he can kill him in self-defense.
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Monday, 5/31 Encore Episode. Original air date 1/29/10.  In this episode Dominic reveals that he is a cop and goes to arrest Sonny.  Sonny shoots Dominic as Olivia reveals that Dominic is Sonny’s own son.

Tuesday, 6/1 Does Sam want to get married? 
 Dante and Lulu get intimate again. 
   Carly tells Sonny to do whatever it takes.

Wednesday, 6/2 Kristina dreams about Kiefer.
   Luke’s worries grow about Tracy.
 Claire tries to strike a deal with Johnny.

Thursday, 6/3   Will Brook take up an offer to live at the Quartermaines?
   Michael warns that Carter is dangerous.  
Kristina learns some haunting similarities between her father and Kiefer.

Friday, 6/4  Sonny goes to therapy. 
    Jason gives Dante an ultimatum.
   Carter visits Michael in his cell.

(source: ABC)