'General Hospital' will Jason be punished for murder


Yep it is coming and the question: Will Jason be punished for murder? Over the past week the tension is building on GH. Let’s take you through what has happen so far and look ahead to next week on General Hospital:

Let’s start with last Monday- Carter attacks Jason in jail, but he is no match for the trained killer. Before Jason can get information about what happened to Michael, Carter runs away. Michael admits that Carter is the one who hurt him. Dante and Brook describe the time an aunt mistakenly believed she caught them having sex.  Alarmed, Lulu asks about their sexual past, but both deny it. Concerned about Carly, Jason probes Spinelli for exact details of her revenge plan against Dante and Lulu.  Carly reveals she has rented the apartment across the hall from Dante for Brook. Carly tells Sonny the truth that they were in an emotionally abusive relationship. Sonny visits Kristina and offers to go to therapy again.  She refuses, saying she is done repeating mistakes by making excuses for him. Girls at school tease Kristina about Kiefer.

Tuesday- Unable to fully describe the attack by Carter, Michael shuts down emotionally.   Sam visits Jason who reveals his intent to kill Carter.  Sonny visits Michael and they discuss Kristina’s anger toward Sonny.  Lulu discovers Brook moving in next door to Dante. Lulu and Dante have intimacy trouble. Kristina apologizes to Johnny for reacting negatively when he put his arm around her—she is still physically uncomfortable around men. Sam is concerned that Johnny may be using Kristina to hurt Sonny. Olivia encourages Sonny to seek help with abuse.  Dante arrives and attacks Sonny for trying to seduce Olivia. Patrick prepares a romantic farewell dinner for Robin before she heads to Africa. Carly admits to Jax he should do everything in his power for Michael’s release, even if it means putting Sonny behind bars.

Wednesday- Michael realizes that Jason is going to attack Carter and begs him not to take the risk. Brook offers to be the go-between for Sonny and Dante. Lulu and Sonny run into each other, and Lulu makes it clear she will never forgive Sonny for shooting Dante.  Lulu tells Dante that Brook has moved next door and is unnerved he is happy about the news. Dante assures Lulu of his love and they have sex.  Brook knocks on Dante’s door dripping wet in nothing but a towel. Nik decides to visit the island and tries to convince Ethan to help search the island, but Ethan refuses.  Despite Tracy’s worsening condition, Helena denies help.  Tracy hallucinates. Liz considers breaking her sons’ trust to invest in the trial pharmaceutical company. After a successful surgery, Lisa fuels Patrick’s jealousy by inviting Steve to their dinner.

Thursday- Carter approaches Michael when he is alone in the cell.  Michael attempts to defend himself. Lulu catches Dante and Brook (in Dante’s shirt) picking Brook’s apartment lock.  When Brook returns to Dante’s a nicely pressed shirt, Lulu accuses Brook of moving in on her man.  Sonny is not convinced Carly has moved on from her Dante/Lulu vendetta. Skye asks Ethan to befriend Kristina and give her positive reinforcement to help bolster her self-image. Kristina vents to Michael about Sonny, but Michael defends their father. Kristina tells Sonny she hates him. Luke reveals that the original wedding to Tracy was a sham. Johnny proposes he and Ethan work together to steal another supplier from Sonny. Maxie witnesses Patrick’s jealousy and warns him to be careful. Lisa blows off Patrick for a dinner date with Steve.

Friday- Jason finds out that Carter showers at a regular hour and plans his attack.  Michael tries to convince Jason not to retaliate. Jason and Carter have a stand off at the showers and Jason stabs him in the stomach.  As Carter crumples to the floor dying, he tells Jason, “Franco says hi.” Lulu establishes some ground rules for Brooks interaction with Dante. Dante receives a photo from Franco. Johnny refuses to get involved with Carly because of her ties to Sonny. Sonny remains on the defensive about Kristina’s abuse allegations. Kristina asks Johnny to help her enact revenge on Sonny by pretending they are a couple. Luke says he wants to marry Tracy for real but she is furious.  Lucky arrives on the Cassadine premises pretending to be a jobless drifter and Nik recognizes him. Patrick interrupts Steve and Lisa’s date, pulling in Carly to make Lisa jealous.
VCR Alerts as this is what is coming up next on General Hospital

Monday, 6/14 
Will Jason be punished for murder?
Kristina asks Johnny to help in her plan against Sonny.
Lucky locks Nik in Helena’s dungeon.
Tuesday, 6/15 
Jason makes plea to the Warden
Does Dante have a gene for cheating?
Will Jax help Skye uncover her ex-husband’s treasure?

Wednesday, 6/16 
Will Dante get Michael out of Jail?
Claire promises to take Franco down.
Ethan agrees to be Johnny’s right hand man.

Thursday, 6/17 
Judge Carroll makes a decision about Michael.
Claire visits Jason for info on Franco
Sonny sees Johnny and Kristina together.  

Friday, 6/18 
Sonny must stay away from Michael.
Will Olivia and Johnny break up?
Dante and Lulu’s sex life is put on hold.

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