Georgia border FM getting a new owner


WACF-FM Young Harris GA is being sold. In the process, it is not only being separated from its AM sibling, as a matter of contract the sibling is going away, forever. The buyer is Arthur Karmgard’s Mountain Community Radio LLC.

The seller is Wolf Creek Broadcasting Inc., headed by Clair W. Frazier.

The price of the deal is $270K, with $10K put in escrow and the balance due in cash at closing.

Young Harris is far removed from rated territory, but is in close proximity to North Carolina, in the extreme northern portion of Georgia. It is a Class A in 95.1 MHz, putting out a relatively low-powered signal – 200 Watts worth, over an antenna that towers 1,585’ over the average terrain of the area. According to the FCC, the station’s current status is licensed and silent.

It has a silent AM sister – WYHG-AM – and the seller has promised to keep it silent until its mute period reaches a full year and it is automatically deleted from the FCC AM database.
An LMA for WACF-FM was scheduled to begin 9/1/11.