Gerard Revitalizes Along Lake Michigan


A religious broadcaster active in the “Michiana” region of the Midwest comprised of some friends of Christian radio has become a new friend of Gerard Media.

That’s because this small-market broadcaster has just made a deal that gives its two AM talk stations some AM revitalization.

In a transaction valued at $12,000, Gerard is acquiring W273BM at 102.5 MHz in Benton Harbor, Mich., from Friends of Christian Radio.

Gerard will use the translator as an FM simulcast partner of Class D WHFB-AM 1060 in Benton Harbor.

A non-refundable deposit of $6,000 has been made to FCR.

Gerard Media is based in Michigan City, Ind., and in addition to WHFB owns WIMS-AM 1420 in Michigan City, “The Talk of the South Shore.”

WIMS uses FM translator W236BD for its own “AM revitalization,” and Gerard is also purchasing that facility from FCB in a separate asset purchase agreement mirroring that of W273BM; a $12,000 total value has been placed on the translator, and a 50% deposit has been made.

The APAs for these two translators were originally filed with the FCC in November 2017. However, they have been amended due to a clerical error in the Form 314 filings that placed attorney Christopher Riley in the line for the head of the assignee.

The assignee FCB’s head is Chairman Patrick Mangan.

A third APA was also refiled. This is for FCB’s sale of W248AP at 97.5 MHz, which is moving to Valparaiso, Ind., from Chesterton, Ind. It is a simulcast partner of WIMS-AM.

The deal for W248AP sees Larry Langford as the buyer, and he is paying $12,500 for the facility.