United Stations Radio Networks and Denny Somach Productions will be jointly conducting the first annual fan-driven poll to determine the most popular songs by Led Zeppelin.  The online poll is set to coincide with many “Zeptember” events and promotions that occur annually at rock radio stations, and will be staged in connection with the network’s nationally distributed program, Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out.   Beginning the week of 9/13, listeners isteners and fans will be invited to vote for their favorite Led Zepp recordings at the program’s accompanying website, www.ledzeponline.com, and both the radio program and the website will begin to reveal the final results in October.

Not only will the results of this poll be the first ever global ranking of Led Zeppelin songs by fans, but participants in the poll have the opportunity to win a complete Led Zeppelin CD library; Get the Led Out apparel, recent Led Zeppelin books and a limited edition lithograph of the first Zeppelin album cover art.    

Said USRN’s Programming EVP Andy Denemark: “With nearly 100 affiliations and some of the top radio stations in America airing our series, this online poll is bound to create a stir.  We’re excited about seeing the results and we’re equally excited to be giving our affiliates something extra to promote during the month of Zeptember.”