“Get Your Island On” with radio Maliboom Boom


Malibu, the Caribbean Rum, introduces its newest global campaign, Radio Maliboom Boom, as part of its ongoing “Get Your Island On” crusade. The Radio Maliboom Boom campaign brings the Caribbean spirit of Malibu to life with upbeat music and entertaining DJ personalities spreading their island vibe around the world.

Created by Publicis London, the campaign debuted in the US 8/3 and will expand to Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and additional markets in the following months. Radio Maliboom Boom will be supported in the US via television and online executions, in addition to PR. The television spots will run nationally. The online executions will be featured on Evite, Pandora, Hulu and USWeekly, among other Web sites.

The campaign features four thirty second spots, including “Maliboom Boom,” “Sunshine,” “Shake it” and “Social Responsibility.” In the spots, the engaging and energetic radio personalities, DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full, broadcast upbeat and vibrant music to the world from the rugged Radio Maliboom Boom studio on a beach in Barbados. The spots also invite consumers to continue the party by tuning in to Radio Maliboom Boom at http://radiomaliboomboom.com. They will have access to a streaming music player featuring top Universal music artists, videos featuring the DJs and downloads of e-cards, ringtones and other fun digital applications. The site will be continually refreshed with content including exclusive music tracks, music videos and clips from DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full’s crusade to spread their Caribbean vibe around the globe.

The campaign’s debut spot, “Sunshine,” opens with DJ Bernhard and MC Wonder Full reporting the weather to their listeners. MC Wonder Full calls out a city name, such as New York or Paris, and DJ Bernhard exclaims, “Sunshine!” as he throws a magnetic sun symbol over his shoulder to a world map behind him. Each time the sun hits the board, a glimpse of the city reveals that it is raining. Finally, MC Wonder Full says, “Tokyo?” DJ Bernhard yells, “Sunshine!” and MC Wonder Full quickly responds, “But it is 1 a.m. in Tokyo, Bernhard.” The spot culminates with a rooftop party in Tokyo where people are dancing to upbeat and lively Caribbean music while enjoying Malibu cocktails. Despite the late hour, the sun is shining for the partygoers thanks to Radio Maliboom Boom.