Giant killers chase TV groups out of Chico


TV RemoteGOCOM Broadcasting operates KHSL, the CBS affiliate in the Chico-Redding CA DMA in tandem with K4 Media’s NBC KNVN. The two have combined to chase a pair of much bigger fish swimming in deeper waters out of their own small-market pond.

The bigger stations are KOVR, a CBS O&O; and KCRA, a Hearst-owned NBC affiliate. Both serve the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto DMA. Neither the stations nor their licensees filed an opposition.

The Sacramento stations have been considered to be significantly viewed in Chico-Redding and as such, the actual Chico-Redding stations are not afforded the protection of viewership provided by network non-duplication and syndicated exclusivity rules.

To achieve the protection, the Chico stations have asked for a waiver of the Sacramento stations’ significantly-viewed status. To do that, they commissioned a study from Nielsen which demonstrated inadequate Chico viewership for both KOVR and KCRA.

For that reason, the FCC granted the waiver – the two Sacramento stations will have to black out any programming they are offering with is also present on KHSL and KNVN.

According to the FCC, the standard that must be met to qualify for being significantly viewed in a second market is this: “at least a 3 percent share (total week hours) and at least a 25 percent cume (net weekly circulation) – one standard error is added to both the station’s share of the total weekly viewing hours and its net weekly circulation share.”